Useful Links

Here I have provided my most visited travel websites, this really only skims the surface but it’s a good place to start!

For jobs:

WorkawayHostel jobsAupair world, some of these require sign up fees but not all, and it tends to be worth it. There are also some fantastic facebook pages aimed at nomadic workers.

For accommodation:

Booking.comHostelworld.comAirbnbHostelbookers. Personally, is my favourite as it doesn’t require a deposit and gives good deals. I also try to Couchsurf as much as possible as I think it’s the best way to get to know a city.

For transport:

As anyone who knows me in real life can vouch for, I think Megabus is the best company in the world. However, it doesn’t always work out, so here are some other options. Skyscanner is usually the best for finding the cheapest flights, although always clear your cache before booking!  Rome2Rio is a great website to help you plan your longer journeys, although the prices it gives are not always reliable. It has an advantage other GoEuro, which although is much more reliable, only works in Europe. Blablacar can also be really useful if you don’t mind sharing with strangers, and if hitchhiking is your jam I would 100% recommend checking out hitchwiki, which can help you plan any journey.