Who are we?

Making Her Escape is a collection of young and passionate writers, from varied backgrounds and on very different paths, drawn together by a shared love for travel, people, and different cultures.

Whilst some of us may never meet, in this joint venture we are aiming to tell a little of our own experiences with travel and the things we have learnt. We want to showcase the best of our talent and prove to the world that adventures can be had at little to no cost.

In recent months, some members of the Making Her Escape team have started to write about how our mental health can affect the way we travel, and how travel can affect our mental health. In doing this, we hope to spread awareness and tolerance, and to provide hope for those dealing with these issues every day.


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Bethany Naylor – Founder and Editor 


Bethany is currently studying Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Nottingham and is originally from Bath in Somerset. After her first solo trip to Córdoba, Spain, at the age of fourteen, she has been on a constant path to find her next adventure. She spent the first two years after school travelling around Europe, working with families, as a bartender, in hostels and with animals, trying to make very little money last as long as possible. She spent another year working as an Au Pair in Rome where she rediscovered her interests in languages and writing, also music. During the following summer, she met Ferdinand Götzen in Malaga, and after an evening of tipsy bouldering before her  11:30pm flight,  and later started working for him at the Wayfaring Student. After starting University she  set up this website to showcase both her own work and other peoples, and to tell people how travel can be cheap and inspiring. Her other interests are music, language, history and culture. she is also working on editing a novel she wrote whilst living in Rome. She is currently living and working in Pachuca, Mexico.

(Ferdinand’s life and travel advice can be found on his new project, here.) 

Sarah Hirsch


Sarah is a lifelong adventure seeker, currently living and playing in the grand Pacific Northwest of the United States. From hitch-hiking across the States as a teenager to working at an organic farm in Southern England to studying yoga in Northern India, her travels have exposed to to the wider scope of what is possible in life. Her ultimate goal is to manifest a holistic healing center for trauma survivors and bring yoga and meditation techniques to spiritual seekers throughout the world.


Isabella Millington


Since graduating from the University of Nottingham in June, Isabella has been travelling South America with no plan to speak of and no idea when she will be returning home to Brighton. Having travelled extensively in North America, where she studied at the University of Tennessee for a year, and in Europe with friends, this is her first solo adventure. She was lucky enough to work for the Olympic Broadcast Service during the Rio 2016 Games and has spent the last month travelling in Brazil. She is currently heading north through Bolivia, Peru and beyond (however long it takes for the money to run out) and hoping to work in a hostel or two along the way. Long-term she plans to get involved with rainforest conservation projects and improve her embarrassingly poor Spanish. She is keeping a record of her adventures though writing, excessive instagramming and obsessive scrapbooking.